Vision & Mission


In the present situation, the youth be cultivated on the real path of progress and development, so that they can go ahead on the pathway of progress and prosperity, they can be sensitive, enterprising and sensible persons and thus be the foundation of the society.


The youths of Dabhoi town and the rural area of Vadodara Dist. can acquire education of Commerce at home and contribute in the progress of the nation with the help of human resources available.

Our institution is situated in the rural area and the students come from remote villages and average economic backgrounds. The role of our villages and its contribution to the wellbeing of the society and state cannot be forgotten. The institution is determined to fulfill the vision of its donor who years back dreamt of introducing and erecting the facility for education in commerce and business. The institution emphasizes imparting value education based on globally required communication skills, supported by computer application and knowledge of academic subjects thereby promoting employment opportunities. The Institution makes constant efforts to develop students’ multi-skilled personality. Our students and alumni are doing their best to serve their organization in particular and nation in general. They perform in different fields like business, commerce, banking, agriculture, army, politics and other social organizations. All these things are in tune of the objectives of Higher education policies. Our NCC and NSS Programs underline close link and collective efforts towards National Development and develop qualities like discipline, civic sense, leadership and unity in diversity.

The institution tries its best to welcome and adopt newer concepts in imparting education to the students. It has good blend of objectives and healthy practice. The objectives of the institution are supported by the following activities: