The Library

The college has a main Library which serves the purpose satisfactorily. The person in charge has maintained separate cupboards for different subjects/ departments. He is always available to guide the faculty members, visitors and the students to the relevant section.

The Library advisory committee always takes care to up-date the library with necessary text boobs, reference books, journals and magazines.

The book distributors are welcomed by the college. Each faculty member takes interest and goes through the latest catalogue and places the orders through proper channel.

The library remains open for six hours everyday. The students visit the library in the free lectures and also study there after the completion of teaching work.

Magazines/ Journals employment based information, competitive examinations are displayed.

Current English and Gujarati Journals and magazines, weekly etc. are displayed on the racks in the Reading Room of the library. For the benefit of the students, journals based on Employment information and competitive examinations are also available on the racks.

The students are allowed to borrow two books for a fortnight, which are renewed as and when required, if not in demand by other students.

Student Bookbank include CDs of various subject, is established under the active of joy of learning