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Smt. Savitaben Chunibhai Patel Fartikuiwala Commerce College popularly as SCPF Commerce Smt. Savitaben Chunibhai Patel Fartikuiwala Commerce College is popularly known as Smt. S.C.P.F. Commerce College, Dabhoi was established in the year 1968-69 with a gracious donation from Smt. Savitaben Chunibhai Patel, Fartikuiwala, a social worker from Fartikui. The Commerce College began with 170 students with Preparatory Class. It is a grant- in- aid co-education college situated at Dabhoi (Vadodara District). The institution is one of the 7 institutions managed by Vadodara Jilla Kelavani Mandal, Dabhoi which has been playing a vital role in paving the path for the education in the surrounding areas of Dabhoi.

Dabhoi has become vibrant center for education. Vadodara Jilla Kelavani Mandal, Dabhoi manages followings colleges:
1. Shri C.N.P.F. Arts and D.N. Science College, Dabhoi
2. Smt. S.C.P.F. Commerce College, Dabhoi
3. Sheth M.N.C. college of Education, Dabhoi
4. Technical institute
5. Self Finance Science College, Dabhoi
6. Self Finance Law College, Dabhoi
7. Junior Science College, Dabhoi
8. M.Com. (S.F.)
9. M.Sc. (S.F.)

The various social, educational, religious and business institutes contribute a lot in the development of Dabhoi.
The results of the University examinations of the college are always higher than the university results. Every year the results are getting higher and higher. The institution offers degree programme. The medium of instruction at U.G. levels is Gujarati. The institution offers Ad. Accountancy & Auditing as the Principal subject and Ad. Statistics and Secretarial Practice as subsidiary subjects. Along with the academic activities, the College also undertakes various co- curricular and extra curricular activities.
As a part of Curricular aspects, each year, the Vision and the Mission of the college are effectively communicated to all the concerned committees through publishing separate prospectus for programmes containing all the information. The syllabi are framed and revised by the Board of Studies of each faculty of the University on need basis. The Guest Lectures of eminent scholars are arranged for the benefit of the students as well as faculties. The members of faculty also participate in Refresher courses, Orientation Programmes, Seminars, workshops, training programmes etc. to update their subject knowledge and thereby to impart latest knowledge to the students. The admissions process of U.G. and P. G. levels is followed as per the norms laid down by Shri Govind Guru University and the institution. In order to ensure equity, admissions are given to the reserve category students as per the policy of State Government. For Teaching Learning and Evaluation Programmes, teaching plans are prepared on the basis of academic calendar of the institution. A regular feed- back is obtained from the students for improving the teaching- learning process. Modern gadgets of teaching learning process are in use. The institution has adopted different policies of evaluating the achievement level of students. This includes a internal tests for and M. Com. students.
The institution has taken initiative to promote Extension activities. The institution has 09 permanent employees and 03 Management appointees. The N.C.C., N.S.S., Saptadhara activity units of the institution are actively engaged in various extension activities and community outreach programmes. A number of N.C.C. cadets have participated in Summer Camps, N.I.C., Shooting Competitions at National Level. Various extension activities like- Heart check-up camp, Eye check-up camp, Blood Donation camps, Tree-Plantation, Social Awareness activities etc. are arranged. Under C.W.D.C., the activities like HIV-AIDS Awareness Camp, Red Ribbon Club, Health and Hygine, Women Foeticide, Women Empowerment etc. are organized.
It is a matter of great pleasure that the Saptadhara Project of Gujarat State Government has been sincerely and honestly implemented by the institution. And hence, the institution stood first in the Sapatadhara Activities in the State in the year – 2012.
The institution has a beautiful three storied building with spacious, well- ventilated and illuminated rooms accommodating class rooms, Girls Rest Room etc. Computer Centre(DELL), 4 SMART CLASS, Audio-Visual Room (With OHP), a good Library, Assembly Hall, Sports Room, all equipped with necessary gadgets. Internet facilities are available in both-the Computer Centre (DELL) and the Library. There are more than 20,000/- books, 35 magazines and journals in English and Gujarati, five news papers (four in Gujarati, one in English) and a spacious Reading Room in the library. There is a Sports Room in which indoor games are being played. Out-door games are being played on the front and rear ground of the college. There is a Basket Ball Court on the rear part of the college ground. A Hostel for boys and a Hostel for girls are available in the campus run by Vadodara Jilla Kelavni Mandal, Dabhoi. A Vehicle Parking shed is available for the students as well as the staff.
The institution has been admitting students from different classes of the society including SC, ST and OBC with a minimum drop out ratio. The students’ Council is formed every year, comprising of the Principal as an ex-officio President, the Vice- President, the faculty members and the students’ representatives. The faculty members encourage the students through personal counseling and orientation programme. It is the practice of the institution to take a regular feedback from the students and the alumni which provide important input for improvement. In order to ensure equity and to help the needy, the institution supports the students by way of scholarships, books and study materials etc. The students are also given access to the Internet facility. The Counseling Cell provides counseling to the students to tackle their problems and difficulties. The college has also established Alumni Association and it supports for various college activities.
The Institution is Governed and managed under the able leadership of Vadodara Jilla Kelavni Mandal. The vision, the mission and the objective of our College are in complete harmony with those of the Vadodara Jilla Kelavni Mandal and the higher education policy. The policy- decisions taken by the Vadodara Jilla Kelavni Mandal are implemented by the institution in the academic interest through the various committees for curricular and co-curricular and extra curricular activities.
In pursuit of academic excellence, the institution has formed various committees for planning, executing and reviewing. For overall personality development of the students, the College organizes Guest lectures on Personality Development and Character- building. The Community outreach programmes are organized by N.S.S. and N.C.C. units of the institution.
The institution was fortunate enough to have its first Principal Mr. H.A. Patel. It was his courage, discipline and vision had strengthened to be a full-fledged College with U.G. and P.G. levels. In 1989, Mr. H. K. Vyas, a senior and experienced professor took- over the charge and led the college well. After the retirement of Mr. H. K. Vyas, for a brief period, Mr. J.G. Patel (Department of English) worked as an Principal-in-charge. Mr. L.M. Patel, Head of the Deparment of Commerce, has been serving the institution as a Principal since 1995. He also worked as a Programme officer for the N.C.C. unit for the college. Under the able governance and leadership of Mr. L. M. Patel, the institution had been growing and enhancing. Under his guidance, the instituted has undergone for the NAAC and obtained "B" grade.
He retired on 14th June, 2012. Mrs. B. K. Purohit, an Associate Professor in English took the charge and served the institution as a Principal-in-Charge from 15th June, 2012 to 14th June, 2014. Under her leadership, the institution applied for the second cycle of NAAC and submitted the RAR. Shri. N. R. Lalpuria took the charge as a Principal-in-Charge on 15th June, 2014. He retired on 31st October, 2014. During this period, the College has gone for the second cycle of NAAC.
Then after, Shri. S. G. Memoria has become the Principal-in-Charge of the institution. He took the charge on 1st November, 2014. He has been a sincere and competent Associate Professor in commerce and a very enthusiastic person. He is trying his level best to upgrade the College, despite the extreme scarcity of both teaching and non teaching staff.
From 7th July, 2017 onwards, Dr. Keyur K. Parekh has become the regular Principal of the College. He had been working as an Associate Professor in Shri J. L. K. Kotecha Arts and Smt. S. H. Gardi Commerce College, Kakanpur from 29th November, 1996 to 6th July, 2017. He has completed his Graduation from The M.S.University of Baroda, Vadodara, the Post-graduation from Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar, M. Phil. from The M. S.University of Baroda, Vadodara and his Ph. D. from Hem. North Gujarat University, Patan. In addition to that, he has achieved his LL. B. from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad and he has been recently awarded the honorary degree of D. Lit. from University of South America, U. S. A. He has been a recognized P.G.teacher of Gujarat University, Ahmedabad since 2002. He has published 17 articles in different International Journals. He has published 8 books amongst them two books are of International standard. He has recently completed a Minor Research Project sponsored by U. G. C. He is the Chief Editor of the International Multidisciplinary Referred Journal named Perception. He is conducting his own publication house named Keshav Publication. Under his able leadership, the level of over all performance of the College has gone par excellence. He is a person with a difference. He has participated in more than fifty international, national and state level seminars in different capacities such as the Paper Presenter, the Chair Person and the Resource Person. He is the Ph. D. guide in four universities such as Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Calorx University, Ahmdabad, Dr. Babasaheb Abedkar University, Ahmedabad and PACIFIC University, Rajashthan. After his joining of the institute, new avenues are opened in it. M. Com. is started again. The College has undertaken an MOU with a virtual university named Teamlease University, New Delhi and more than thirty students are given placement. The College has got an association with Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University and started four post graduate and two under graduate courses.
At this stage, the institution reaffirms its faith in creating a feeling of solidarity among the students by way of providing good infrastructure, innovative practices, moral values and advanced knowledge in the field of Commerce and Management. The institution will continue to endeavor to mould the students to be good citizens and employable youth with good communication skills.
We are grateful to NAAC for providing us the opportunity to express and ensure our sincerity towards the institutional mission and its objectives and continue our journey towards excellence. We were keen to commence new courses / programmes in the area of Financial Management, Insurance, Banking, ICT etc. in the near future.

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