The institution believes that good infrastructure plays on important role and has a positive impact on the teaching-learning process. The institution has good facilities available for Academic activities. Co-Curricular, Extra-Curricular activities and Sports etc. as under:

Academic Activities

The institution has 23 room out of which 10 are class-rooms(4 Smart Class, 1 Audio Visual). The class-rooms are spacious, ventilated and well-illuminated. They are furnished with adequate furniture, fixture and fittings. Each class can accommodate up to 120 students and is provided with a speaker facility.

computer centre (DELL): The well-equipped computer centre (DELL) (on the ground floor) has 18 computers. A professional Trainer imparts Tally software training and other computer-training to the students. Students and faculty can avail of Internet facility accessible on five Computers in the centre.

Audio-Visual Room: One of the rooms is utilized as an Audio-visual Room with OHP facilities- and seating capacity of 120 students. There is an easy access for students, academic and administrative staff. the BISAG facility for learning is available in this room under SANDHAN project of government

Library: The institution believes that Library is the heart of education. It has a rich and resourceful Library with a seating capacity of 50 students in its Reading Room. There is also a Staff corner available for the staff for reading, paper setting and assessment- work. Two computers are available for the library- purpose. The students can avail of the library facilities from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Administrative office: The Administrative Office is well-equipped with furniture and equipments like type-writer, Computer with Internet, Photocopy machine, Scaner etc.

Seminar Hall: The institution has a spacious assembly hall with a capacity of 200 seats, equipped with necessary facilities. The various programmes like seminars, Management Lecture Series, Guest Talks, Work-Shops, Educational Training Programmes, and Personality Development Programmes etc. are organized in this hall. A Vehicle-parking shed is available for the students and the staff.

Saptadhara Activities

Sports Room: We have a sports room in which the indoor games like table-tennis, carom, chess etc. are being played. The competitions of these games are also arranged here. Cricket, Volley-Ball and Athletics are played on the front side of the college ground. The basket-ball court and KhoKho ground are on the (rear part) college ground. As part of athletics- the High Jump and long jump courts are available for imparting the training to the students.