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Smt. Savitaben Chunibhai Patel Fartikuiwala Commerce College is popularly known as Smt. S.C.P.F. Commerce College, Dabhoi was established in the year 1968-69 with a gracious donation from Smt. Savitaben Chunibhai Patel, Fartikuiwala, a social worker from Fartikui. The Commerce College began with 170 students with Preparatory Class. It is a grant- in- aid co-education college situated at Dabhoi (Vadodara District). The institution is one of the 7 institutions managed by Vadodara Jilla Kelavani Mandal, Dabhoi which has been playing a vital role in paving the path for the education in the surrounding areas of Dabhoi.

Dabhoi has become vibrant center for education. Vadodara Jilla Kelavani Mandal, Dabhoi manages followings colleges:
1. Shri C.N.P.F. Arts and D.N. Science College, Dabhoi
2. Smt. S.C.P.F. Commerce College, Dabhoi
3. Sheth M.N.C. college of Education, Dabhoi
4. Technical institute
5. Self Finance Science College, Dabhoi
6. Self Finance Law College, Dabhoi
7. Junior Science College, Dabhoi
8. M.Com. (S.F.)
9. M.Sc. (S.F.)

The various social, educational, religious and business institutes contribute a lot in the development of Dabhoi.

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Important Announcements

Principal's Message

Princepial photograph

I am Dr. Keyur K. Parekh, the Principal of the College would like to express my happiness and sense of gratitude to the God Almighty to provide me the opportunity to serve the institution. It is my humble duty, as the head of the institute, to uplift the overall performance of the institution. After having join the institution I have started M.Com. (Self Finance), Four Post-graduate and two Under-graduate courses in the College which are affiliated to Dr. Babasaheb ambedkar open University, Ahmedabad. I have also started the virtual courses with the minimum fees of Rs. 118/-, affiliated to Teamlease University, New Delhi.

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In the present situation, the youth be cultivated on the real path of progress and development, so that they can go ahead on the pathway of progress and prosperity, they can be sensitive, enterprising and sensible persons and thus be the foundation of the society.


The youths of Dabhoi town and the rural area of Vadodara Dist. can acquire education of Commerce at home and contribute in the progress of the nation with the help of human resources available.